Hi! Welcome to ClimberTees!


My name is Kevin Heinrich and I’m a Rock, Ice, and Mountain Guide based out of the North Eastern U.S. (read more about me and my adventures). I’m really stoked you came to check out ClimberTees, I hope you find something of interest!

Back story…

Once upon a time I was looking for cool shirts online that looked good and conveyed my love for climbing. During that search I came across hundreds of “designs” similar to this one:

i belay 5.15d

Yet I couldn’t find any designs that reflected my passion for all things climbing. So I designed a shirt for myself, got it printed, and wore it with pride.

After getting comments like: “That’s actually the least stupid climbing shirt I’ve seen.” I thought other climbers might like the shirts as well and thus, ClimberTees.com was born.

Our Mission

Does using “our” make me seem more legit? Anyway, MY mission with ClimberTees.com is to create good looking products that help climbers express themselves, their passion, and their unique style. We make shirts for CLIMBERS! Whether you plug cams, clip bolts, place pads, swing tools, stomp mountains, or do it all (really, who’s picky?) we’ve got a Tee I think you’ll like.

Our Product

The Shirts:

We print on Unisex American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirts that are 100% Ring-Spun Cotton. It’s a relatively slim fit (Sizing Chart) and soft as hell (OK, I’m biased, but damn they’re soft). Unlike a lot of brands out there, these shirts are sweatshop free and made in America.

The Designs:

We try to avoid making egotistical text based shirts like the one at the top of this page, instead focusing on good looking graphics that capture a little slice of what it means to climb. Most designs are made directly by me, but I am working with some other artistic climbers out their. Got an idea? Wanna be a designer? Contact Me!!!!

The Print:

We use a Direct to Garment (DTG) printing method that provides an excellent image quality, durability, and is soft, breathable and a great eco-friendly solution with the water based inks. (I stole that sentence from our printing company, but I assume they know what they’re talking about…)

The Bottom Line:

We go the extra mile to deliver quality, environmentally friendly products made by happy people in the one and only ‘MURICA. If you purchase a shirt from us I want you to love it and wear it everyday. If for some reason the shirt you receive doesn’t make you happy and/or boost your climbing grade please, please, PLEASE! Contact me and I’ll try to make everything all better.

Thank you so much, climb on!

-Kevin Hammer Heinrich