Lodestar Lightning Tee

Lodestar Lightning was the name given to the pot recovered from Lower Merced Pass Lake after the legendary 1977 plane crash. This is a replica of an original 1970’s design.

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A plane loaded with tons of marijuana crashed in the Yosemite high country in 1977. Climbers where quick to discover the contents of the plane and hustled up to Lower Merced Pass Lake to have a look for themselves. Beneath the ice they could see burlap bales with pot leaves stamped on them, their eyes grew red and narrow with excitement. After extracting the weed from the lake, carrying it down from the mountains, and selling it, many climbers made a pretty penny to be spent on new gear, cars, and even houses. Lodestar Lightning was the name given to the uncovered pot, which had a bit of jet fuel mixed in for an extra kick.

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